Real Estate Web Design Templates

TemplateMonster has a great selection of Responsive Real Estate Website Templates. Templates are a great way to get a professional looking site. Just remember templates are just the visual look, you still have to integrate all of the data from your MLS system, update forms, write custom code and make modifications as needed to get the site functioning properly. This involves doing extensive customization to the template in order for it to work with your MLS system. Even though there is customization to the template, it still is not building the entire site from scratch.

Using the responsive templates will ensure that your site works on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Real Estate Responsive Templates

Real Estate Templates from ThemeForest

As mentioned above, I would focus on the responsvie themes to have a site that works well with all devices.

Real Estate Templates

I would still recommend only using the templates for ideas on design to eliminate excessive code and overhead. I would rather build from my base template to meet your needs for your custom design.

My Designs

My base template is built from Materializecss (A modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design). This design provides CSS, Components and Javascript to construct responsive web pages. I use these tools as a base and add additional libraries as needed to accomplish other visually needed components.